Life at MCA is a rich Catholic school education experience for students. Our small class sizes, typically 30 percent smaller than the average class in a St. Mary’s County school, open for our award-winning faculty a unique opportunity to teach a challenging curriculum and closely follow the progress of each child, tailoring each student’s experience to ensure everyone’s success. Our unique MCA program teaches children:

  • All core Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Religion, and Literature courses taught to the highest standards so our students enter high school with a strong academic advantage.
  • Computer skills to prepare students for the technological challenges of high school and beyond.
  • Library and research experience to ensure ready access to knowledge throughout life.
  • Rigorous physical education to start children on the path of a healthy life.


All students, beginning with pre-schoolers, get hands-on computer experience in MCA’s state-of-the-art technology center. This early exposure evolves to include engineering and practical building experience through a STEM program conducted with PAX River engineers for grades five and seven, and a custom program focusing on building and competition for grades six and eight. These science and technology programs are combined with religion, engineering and the arts to create a unique catholic school education experience.



Students experience first-hand God’s gift of life through the school’s unique agriculture lab. When possible, teachers incorporate lab projects in their classes, ensuring students receive a well-rounded, hands-on educational experience rooted in the real lifestyle and traditions of Southern Maryland. Produce from the lab are donated to area organizations committed to feeding the hungry in our community.



Students learn to leverage technology to achieve their goals in the school’s tech center, which features the latest hardware. Weekly coursework teaches children how to use the software tools needed to succeed in high school, including word processing, spreadsheets, graphic design programs and more. For students who want to take their technical expertise to the next level, an after-school Cyber Club meets weekly, in which students learn to program computers by working on their own projects under the guidance of a professional software engineer.



Christmas Pageant – At Christmas our children will present a pageant in open homage to the reason for the holiday: the birth of Jesus Christ. The pageant includes several contributions from each class, interspersed with work from small groups and soloists. The pageant embraces the broad spectrum of talents the children have developed.

Spring Musical – The spring musical gathers students across the grades together to develop their talents in the dramatic arts. It’s a great show every year and we hope to see you there!



Basketball – Mother Catherine Academy is part of the Sunday Youth Basketball League. Students in grades 5 through 8 can participate in JV and Varsity programs for boys or girls. We are very proud of our student athletes and encourage participation in athletics to help in the formation of a well-rounded child in both body and mind.

Cheerleading – Girls in grades 1 through 8 may participate in the cheerleading program, also a part of SYBL.



Tribute to Veterans – Many of the faculty and families of MCA have strong ties to the heroes who defend our freedoms. On Veteran’s Day, we invite those who serve and who have served to come to our school so that we can personally thank them for the sacrifices they and their families have made for us. At MCA, we believe Veteran’s Day is not a day to skip school, but rather a day to gather together and thank God for the blessings He has given us through the sacrifice of our veterans.