Jerry Spence is a lifelong member of Sacred Heart Parish, where he is actively involved in the Parish Community. He attended Holy Angels Sacred Heart School, and then attended St. Mary’s Ryken High School. After graduating from Ryken, he attended the College of Southern Maryland for two years, and then earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geography and Environmental Systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2001.


Jerry is employed as a Conservation Planner with the Maryland Department of Agriculture. He works with farmers to assist them with the installation of conservation practices on their farms to reduce soil erosion and nutrient pollution. Additionally, Mr. Spence has a farm operation which he started in 2006 and an agritourism business, Designer Ag LLC., which he started in 2015.


Phase 1 of the agricultural lab (Ag Lab) was designed and installed by Jerry and he is currently the agricultural liaison between the school and the agricultural community. Jerry will oversee the completion of all phases of the garden and Ag Lab over the next few years. He is the community sponsor of the garden and Ag Lab, as well as the community sponsor of the MCA garden club. Mr. Spence will continue to mentor the teachers as needed to help students apply science concepts learned in the classroom to real world scenarios.