MCA Agriculture Lab

Mother Catherine Academy (MCA), having taken the pledge to serve our community in the name of Pope Francis, has adopted the theme “See Christ in the Eyes of the Poor, MCA Saints Walk with Francis.” The students of MCA, through its Agriculture Lab, have utilized their lessons, their hands, some vegetable seeds, and nature as a means to assist less fortunate members of the local community. Having planted many varieties of vegetables in the school garden at the end of last school year and tended it throughout the summer, the students have been able to harvest a bountiful crop at the beginning of this school year. The students decided to act upon their theme by donating their harvest, on a continual basis, to local food pantries as a means of nourishing the poor with fresh, healthy products that would become part of their daily meals. The students have also invited members of the local community to partner with them by bringing some of their own harvest to the school for delivery to the local food pantries. In addition, MCA has encouraged and actively sought donations of farm fresh eggs to supplement the meals for the poor and we continue our “Walk with Francis.”