Mrs. Cerutti discovered her love of teaching early on by tutoring peers during high school. She started teaching math in 2008, after graduating from Millersville University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education. Math has always been a passion of hers. She is currently certified to teach Mathematics and is continuing her education at Lamar University by pursuing a Masters of Education in Technology Leadership.


She has worked with students in each grade from 6th-12th grade and has taught on-level, as well as honors and inclusion courses. Algebra I & II, Geometry, and College Prep Math are courses that she has taught in addition to the grade level courses. She has also helped to prepare students for the SAT/ACT/HPST/ASVAB and other standardized tests. She enjoys teaching and working in a school community that could easily be considered a second home. She believes that it is important to create a safe and welcoming classroom environment.


Mrs. CeruttiI enjoys spending free time with her family. They love to fly kites, play Legos, dance, and watch movies together. When they aren’t doing something just for fun, they are completing my latest couponing order. She has been couponing for almost 5 years and loves the puzzle that is created by matching sales, coupons, and stores.